Saturday, 8 October 2011

A song for Saturday - Stevie Wonder 'Masterblaster' Listen & See

I thought it might be an idea to every now and again, just spotlight a song that I love and share it with you. So to start it all, I'm gonna let you hear one you already know, but maybe haven't heard for a while - Stevie Wonder's Masterblaster.

It came from his 1980 album, 'Hotter Than July' and was the first single to be released from it, and it did very well, reaching #2 in the UK charts.

It's basically a song about Bob Marley, whom he'd been on tour with and had used as an opening act on the tour. It also of course, has the line 'Hotter Than July' in the lyric.

It was a massive song in the clubs at the time and is certainly a feel good song.

It was released on Motown Records in September 1980, and was followed up by 'I Ain't Gonna Stand For It' as the next single.


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