Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Cliff Banned!

And so another station says they'll not be playing Sir Cliff on their 60s station because he's not 'cool' enough.

It baffles me how one of this country's most celebrated artists is once again given the cold shoulder. I can only assume it's because of his religious beliefs and as we entered the 90s' and 00's he brought out a few religious singles.

Admittedly, they didn't do anything for me, but I'm confused at how you can block out such an important musical figure from and oldies station in the UK.

I don't like Abba - can't help it, I don't. But it's never stopped me playing their music at a disco and it won't stop me playing them on Smile 101. If the audience like them, who am I to argue?

I fully understand the fact that they've decided he doesn't fit their demographic. I'm sure there's music on Smile 101 I won't play. But surely narrowing their choice of artists to those that they consider cool and trendy, will only cut down on their audience.

I'm keen to play as many different songs on the station as we can. To give the listeners variety, and no doubt I'll be accused of not playing certain  classic artists. Smile 101 is about feel good, and so artists that haven't played what could be thought of as feel good music won't be played.

However, I just think Cliff isn't cool because of his religious views and his goodie goodie image. Sorry, for me it's about his music, and whether I like it or not is irrelevant - he was a pioneer in the UK and therefore he should be in the playlist.

Just my opinion....

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