Monday, 25 January 2016

An update....

As you may have read on my blog at the end of 2015, my career as a radio presenter had been put in jeopardy due to the new Copyright Royalty Board changes that came into play as of the 1st January 2016 in the USA.
The changes have caused many American stations that carried my shows to close down and cease trading. This has in turn impacted me.
Starting the week commencing February 1st 2016, 7 years of sharing free podcasts of my shows will come to an end.
If you would like to carry on receiving the shows, you will need to pay a subscription to continue to get them.
For a one off week, you can get all three of my shows for a payment of £3.00.
If you subscribe by weekly ongoing subscription, you will get all three shows for £2.00 per week.
It's not a decision I've taken lightly. However, without taking this step, I would not be able to continue doing the shows. The finances lost at the turn of the New Year due to the ruling, have made it no longer financially viable to continue.
Hopefully, with enough subscribers, I will be able to continue in the long term.
What this means is that for less than the price of one large cappuccino per week from one of the major coffee houses, you'll get almost 7 hours worth of entertainment.
I think that's a bargain!
I will be putting details on the website on how to subscribe closer to the time.