Monday, 17 October 2011

To start a station or not?

I've been thinking over the weekend about whether to start a net station or not. It's been something I've never really wanted to do, but I've been thinking about it and the proposition is becoming more attractive.

But not because of the station so much as the bolt-ons that I believe I could add which would make it more of an all-round project where some of the extras could make it a money earning enterprise.

The station would of course be the hub of things, but it would take a lot of extra work to make it viable.

I already have some things that could be adapted in order to make them fit into my plans and so it's certainly something that I think could fly, and eventually even down to paying presenters for shows (Which would be a novelty!).

However it has to start from the station itself. To hit the ground running it is going to need great shows, first and foremost. Now I've taken a big step back and looked at other stations and have decided that I don't want a specific type station - we already have more soul stations than enough. An oldies station could fit the bill, but I think that in order to succeed you have to take a look at conventional radio programming and how a day is built show-wise.

Also important is the demographic of the listeners you're looking to attract. The 'What's in it for me?' factor - well, that's what I call it anyway - the 'me' being the listener.

After all, if they're already listening to radio, I need to find out what is going to drag them from where they're listening already.

I understand that being a net station does to a certain extent leave you dangling a bit as a lot of listening is done in cars, so having an app that can make the station accessible to a smart phone will be important.

I also feel that getting the daytime programming right is so important. And that's an area that has to be addressed straight away.

One things for sure, if I decide to go ahead with it, there's gonna be a lot of research done, and some great presenters found before we go live. There's certainly no chance of me looking to put a new station on air this side of the New Year.

I've already fleshed out how I would want the schedule to look - and it certainly wouldn't  be a case of filling the schedule with anything just to get it filled up. I have an idea of how I'd want the day to flow and  so it's a case that I'd need to find the right show to fill the right slot.

One thing's for sure I have no intention of doing this if I'm not committed to doing it properly and making it a success.

Plenty to think about...

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Keep on Keepin' on.....

There are times when you're striving for a goal, that you feel disheartened. When things happen that you have no control over, but nonetheless pull you down.

It happens to anyone who's trying to achieve, athletes, business people, students, all are prone to days of, not so much self doubt, but wondering where the next 'break' is going to come from.

It doesn't matter how much, and how hard you work, somehow, every now and again, it happens.

It's nice when you have a coach to help you through these times, but when you're on your own and trying to make something happen, it can be hard to pull yourself around.

I've just been going through two days of this since I found out something a couple of evenings ago that made me realise that I've been daft enough to forget that there are some two-faced people out there who are nice to your face but in reality aren't as nice as you'd like to believe.

I'm one of those people who sees the best in people until they prove me wrong, and unfortunately, I've come to the realisation that perhaps it's time I need to go down a different route to achieve my goals, as I'm the square peg trying to fit in a round hole in certain areas. Shame they couldn't be upfront and honest.

But do you know what? I'll be down for a few days, and I'll pick myself up and start all over again, because I'm bigger that the small minded people that don't want me to achieve. I should have remembered that narrow-minded people are never gonna change even when confronted with truths!

Why is it that some people want you to achieve, but not more than them? It would be different if they were willing to work as hard at it than me, but they don't want to do that. So to them I say this - 'Sit on the sidelines and watch!'

I'm proud to have achieved what I have so far, but this is only the beginning. I'm not doing what I'm doing because I want to be a big shot. It's because I've wanted to do it since I was a kid.

I'm not gonna stop - I have a right to go after my goals, and what's more, one way or other I'll get there.

I'll leave you with what keeps me going.

Sunday, 9 October 2011

David Ruffin - Walk Away From Love - Music Video

David Ruffin, for all his flaws was an excellent singer, from his days in The Temptations to his solo career, his voice was unique and easy to recognize. 

It's hard to believe that here in the UK, 'Walk Away From Love' was his only hit! It spent 10 weeks in the charts peaking at #8.

David Ruffin's input to The Temptations was immense and certainly a major factor to it being their most successful line up. It's a shame that his frailties meant that he never achieved all he could have done, dying at just 50 on the 1st June 1991.

You can hear David on today's Sunday Shake Up Show - check it out at

Saturday, 8 October 2011

Georgie Fame In Concert Cambridge

I can't wait to see Georgie Fame in concert tomorrow night - an absolute legend who's been performing for nearly 50 years! I've been playing his songs for as long as I can remember.

And what's more - he's our featured artist in the next issue of the 'Pure Grooves' magazine which is out on Monday!

I'm sure I'll be telling you more about his concert in the coming weeks!

A song for Saturday - Stevie Wonder 'Masterblaster' Listen & See

I thought it might be an idea to every now and again, just spotlight a song that I love and share it with you. So to start it all, I'm gonna let you hear one you already know, but maybe haven't heard for a while - Stevie Wonder's Masterblaster.

It came from his 1980 album, 'Hotter Than July' and was the first single to be released from it, and it did very well, reaching #2 in the UK charts.

It's basically a song about Bob Marley, whom he'd been on tour with and had used as an opening act on the tour. It also of course, has the line 'Hotter Than July' in the lyric.

It was a massive song in the clubs at the time and is certainly a feel good song.

It was released on Motown Records in September 1980, and was followed up by 'I Ain't Gonna Stand For It' as the next single.