Sunday, 3 April 2011

There's always one.......

I had loads of things to write about today, however after something that happened last night, I'm gonna forget the rest and impart some words today, that I really don't care whether people like or not. After all, it's my blog so I can say what I want.

Last night, I was DJing at a Northern Soul/Motown night and was playing to a floor that was pretty well covered by dancing people when an obnoxious, ignorant fool deemed it necessary to presume he was in his realm to think that it was OK to insult me as a DJ because of the format I was using. Oh, and he told me not to play at another Northern Soul event.....and he came back to tell again at the end of the night.

Now for all of you that don't know , I am going to shout the following sentence. I DJ WITH A COMPUTER!!!!!!! Have you got it? I am not a little kid who has bought a laptop and downloaded all their tunes from Limewire, I've DJed with Vinyl , CDs and Computer. I've DJed to tens of thousands of people, and without sounding big headed (and if you know me, you'll know I don't brag, but I'll say it just this time...) I'm damned good at what I do as well.

The reason I get invited to play at events is because I'm damned good at what I do. I won't make any apology for my previous statements. So when I get an idiot of the magnitude that thought he had the right to tell me I wasn't a DJ and that I had no right to be playing at a Northern Soul event because I wasn't playing vinyl and that anyone could do what I was doing, he was very lucky that I was professional enough not to rip his head off and put it where the sun doesn't shine

I've met a lot of really nice people on the Northern Soul scene, but I have heard about the fans that won't accept progress, and to be honest, I figured they'd have at least have the sense to not make themselves look like the bigotted prats that they are. But I was wrong.

As I said to him last night, he was more than welcome to go home if he didn't like what I was playing.

I made the decision to convert to computer purely to make my life easier. To be insulted for using a more modern tool is just pathetic. I wonder, did he go home by horse and cart last night. Surely the motor vehicle would be too modern. And God help him if he had to use a mobile phone.

I use a computer because it helps me to do my job more efficiently and with less hassle. I make no apologies to anyone for it. If you don't like it stay away. If you don't want me to use my computer at an event, don't ask me to play. I won't be offended. If you've got as wet as I have carting boxes of records in and out of venues at 2am in the morning as I have, perhaps you'd understand.

If you don't  like me as a DJ, or don't like the music I play, more power to you. We all have opinions. Come to think of it, if you don't like me as a person, I don't much care about that either.

However, don't deem to insult me for the format I use to play my sets. It's what comes out of the speakers that counts and if I'm playing to a well filled dancefloor, it's not me that has the problem it's you.

And as they say in the old Floaters hit,

"If you feel that this is you, then this is what I want you to do,

Keep your opinions to yourself, because next time I get insulted by a feckwit, I may just take your head off.....

(This has been edited - I've calmed down now.)


  1. What a dickhead !!!!

    There is nothing wrong with digital DJing. Like you I spent many years playing with vinyl and got to the stage where I couldnt take all my records into venues because there wasnt the physical space to put them. I am about to return to DJing and it will be totally digital from Computer with CD as a backup.

    Does this twat not realise that Northern Soul NOT being on vinyl is a major factor in keeping the genre alive.

    My Northern Soul collection used to consist of a handful of singles and cassettes that I recorded when I was fortunate enough to borrow the "Keeping the Faith" and "Casino Classics" albums.

    Since then I have bought countless Northern Soul compilations and now have hundreds of superb tracks that I would otherwise never have heard or been able to afford to buy on Vinyl.

    This all harks back to the snobby "Music Collector" obsession you wrote about a while back where people just want to say "I own that"

    In the words of Hamilton Bohannon.....
    .... it doesnt matter how it is delivered.!!!

  2. yessssssss I love when people stand up for them selfs, but he - that man
    is not worth wasting your energy on james , forget him and remember all the nice people that you know , And all of the people that are "proud of you "

  3. What a complete prat that man sounds! You can do without people like that at your venues, James. Everybody who knows you is well aware of your talent and how hard you work at everything you undertake. You never give less than 100% and I know that you try to please everyone, which is nigh on impossible really! Progress has to come in everything and as you say, carting 45's about is hardly the thing for this day and age. Yes, vinyl will always have its place but you have to be practical as a dj/presenter and do what works for you. As long as the quality of the music you play is good enough (and I'm quite sure it is) then what's not to like??
    However, when someone criticizes you for something you are passionate about, it hurts I know. Take onboard the opinions of those who know and love you, James as they are the only ones who matter at the end of the day.
    Love, Steffie x

  4. I am sure that this person will have gone home and listened to some fantastic old tunes on the internet. Some how I don't see that as not being modern, but I am sure that is why we all love to listen to music from our earlier years, cos now we can. The internet is fantastic for that. I love my vinyl and will never get rid but I must admit I love the ease of use of the computer. Long live vinyl and the internet if you ask me. Nice one James. Don't be beaten mate.

  5. The people who do not understand change should read "Who Moved My Cheese."

    Technology is here to stay. Moreover, technology changes everyday! Musicians are using ipads to read their music, some use band in a box, others are using ipods and hooking up amps, so that they do not have to lug around heavy equipment.

    When I dance to your music, while listening on my ipod, it all sounds good to me. "Don't Stop the Music."

    K. Ray

  6. I would post a comment but instead will put quill to papyrus and send my missive via the carrier when yon cart come through our village in May

  7. I was chatting to Pete Tong, Judge Jules, Danny Rampling and Roger Sanchez in Ibiza. All those guys carry their set in their pocket to the gigs on 'Memory Sticks'. They plug into the CDJ's and away they go! My eldest son who is a DJ takes a Macbook and memory sticks. Gone are the days of humping records about!

  8. anyone got any records for sale lol

  9. ive been on northern soul scene for 30 years and in some circles if its not on a 45 ur not a dj ive had idiots do same to me brian rae plays cds hes 1 of the oldest soul djs around ive worked with brian and russ and dancefloor is rockin u dont get that shit on funk n soul scence if u play cd n pc

  10. James, progress is what it is called, and yes, there are those who, for whatever reason, hate to be a part of it. But one guy should not take the pleasure out of a whole dance floor full of happy people doing what they love to do - dance to the music.

    I have a studio full of ancient equipment, and actually just took my old reel to reel to the dump this last week - hated to part with it but it was old technology and was never going to be used ever again.

    I spent good money on two brand new turn tables for my station that sit idle most of the time - because I too do my whole radio show from the computer! And I would suspect you do too.

    Does the listener care? In the case of radio, probably never even thinks about the method used to get the sound and voice into the speakers.

    So, my friend, move forward with technology and keep an old LP under the desk for those times when you need to take it out, hand it to a jackass like the one you dealt with the other night, and tell him to "rotate on it!"

    It is the music and presentation that counts - certainly not the technology.

    Rock on my friend, and piss on those who would piss on you!


    Big Daddy - a 64 year old technology convert - if I can accept it and make it happen, anyone can..............

  11. Hey James,
    What was the date of this gig?
    Was it April 1st
    What a wind up!
    Why use a truck when you can deliver with a Mini!
    Keep doing what ya doin