Thursday, 10 March 2011

Gratifying times

I've been thinking about doing a survey of my show listeners for a while to see what they think of the shows.

I'd like to think that my shows are quite good and that I come across quite well, but you need other people's opinions to get a true vision.

Yesterday, myself and Debz put together a quick survey which although it's only 10 questions, should give me a better vision of how I'm doing.

Having got some results back so far it looks heartening.

At the same time I thought it was about time I added a Listener's Comments page to the 'On The Radio' web site.

I've been looking through a lot of the comments I've received over the last two years and I've put a lot of them onto the page.  I have to say it very humbling to see in writing what people think of your shows, and also very gratifying.

At the same time, I'm waiting for more surveys to come back - and waiting for the inevitable critical comments. But hey! without them, how do I know where to improve?

If you're a listener and want to take part in the Survey, click here

Speak soon....

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