Monday, 2 May 2011

I can't help laughing...

Lyrics... songwriters the world over, spend time composing songs that they hope will take us to an emotional space where what they've written means something to us... well sometimes anyway.

This morning, I was singing to myself the song 'Jack In The Box'  by the Moments. I'd just sang the chorus that goes 'Jack comes out of the box, The bears came home and caught Goldilocks' when Debz, my Promogirl and erstwhile Webmag editor, looked strangely at me and said 'Is that the real words?'

On replying in the affirmative, she told me that she'd been singing 'the bears came home with Cockle Deluxe' ever since she'd first heard it. She went on to explain that she'd always wondered what that was all about!

It's not the first time she's done this though. In the Tavares song 'Whodunit', they sing the line 'Hey Baretta, will you please go get her'. Baretta was a 70s Private Eye in a TV series - Debz line was 'Hey Loretta, will you please go get her'. She wondered who Loretta was as well!

It started me thinking about how many mis-quoted song lyrics there are. 'Me ears are alight' for instance when they should be singing ' me Israelites'.

I think it could be a great theme for part of my oldies radio show.

Talking of Radio shows, here's the link to yesterdays Sunday Shake Up show

Here's the playlist
1 War - All Day Music
2 Average White Band - Queen of My Soul
3 Hi Tension - Peace On Earth
4 DeBarge - All This Love
5 Isley Brothers - Between The Sheets
6 Ray Goodman & Brown - Special Lady
7 Sonia - Puerto Rican Love (TC & Mworld Remind Mix)
8 Roy Hamilton - I'm In Heaven
9 Roxy 5000 ft Terri Walker & Friends - Never Going Back
10 Mike Stephens - Joy & Pain
11 High Fashion - Feeling Lucky Lately
12 Lenny White - Didn't Know About Love ('Til I Found You)
13 Mystic Merlin - Mr Magician
14 El Coco - Cocomotion
15 Greg Henderson - Dreamin'
16 Patrice Rushen - Look Up!
17 Carrie Lucas - Dance With You 12''
18 BB&Q Band - On The Beat
19 Cool Notes - Make This A Special Night
20 Sean Oliver - You & Me
21 Cool Million ft Eugene Wilde - Back For More
22 New Version Of Soul - 66 Mello
23 Inner Soul ft Kimberley Lawson - Don't Walk Away
24 Bashiyra - Mistified
To hear my recent shows, go to

I've also recorded this week's Flashback show today which I'll post on Wednesday.

I'm now off to enjoy the rest of the Bank Holiday Monday. See ya next time...

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