Saturday, 29 January 2011

It's the weekend!!!

Well, it's Saturday - and I'm not working tonight, but I am going out - I'll be at the the Cambridge Soul Collective's 4th Anniversary night tonight at Fulbourn. Looking forward to that as I'll get my first opportunity to see the legend that is Soul Sam play his tunes. I enjoy the Fulbourn nights as they always attract a good crowd.

But before that, I've got to record tomorrow's Sunday Shake Up show. I sorted the play list out yesterday so it's just a matter of doing the show now.

I've spent this morning listening to a new Radio Station that I'm doing a show on. Classic Soul Radio is run by a friend and fellow presenter Mike Howard and I logged on to hear his breakfast show this morning. I've always enjoyed Mike's shows as he had an amazing music collection and he always plays tunes I like, and today was no exception. He played some great tunes that were new to me by George Duke and Brian Culbertson. Seems I'll have to go on the hunt again!

I've just been trying to think what I've been up to since Wednesday. It's funny, I always seem to be busy, but I have problems trying to remember what I've done. Must be my age. I know I've been working on the magazine and there are still a few pages to get finished before we put it out on Monday. Now we have the magazine to a fairly decent quality level, the hardest thing is keeping it up there and improving on it.

As someone who doesn't really have an inroad to be on all the mailing lists, I have to go on the hunt for information that's out there, and it really adds time to the task of putting the magazine together.

I'm at College a couple of days each week doing a computer course, and at the moment I'm learning to use Dreamweaver to create a web site. I already have three that I've designed myself using Frontpage, but I'm told that Dreamweaver is a top end piece of kit, so hopefully I can learn from there and improve on my websites. I really want to rebuild the 'On The Radio' website as I feel that it now looks a bit garish. When I first built it, I liked the bright fresh look it had, but over time I've come to dislike it, so once I've learnt enough to use Dreamweaver to build a site, I'll revamp it.

Right I suppose I'd better get on. Things to do and all that.........

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