Monday, 17 January 2011

Lovin' it!

Well, the weekend is over and the new week has started. I have to say, yesterday I had a proper chill day. After I'd sorted out the Sunday Shake Up show, I had a day of watching films. It's not that I watch a lot,but yesterday I watched three films back to back.

So what did I watch, I hear you ask.  I started off with Forrest Gump, moved onto The Devil Wears Prada and finished off with Roadhouse. As you can see I even like chick flicks lol.

After that, I went online and did some googling. I've been hearing and seeing this term 'Popcorn Oldies' a lot lately so I went on the hunt to see what it's all about. Apparently it's come from Belgium where they like 60s soul, only slightly cheesier that what we're used to playing, but chucked in with that you can also find artists like Helen Shapiro & Cliff Richard.

Anyway, I found out I already had a fair few of the songs that fit the genre, so I went on the hunt for more and bought a fair few, so today I was listening and getting them onto my disco computer. I have to say I quite like the genre - but then again, I do like 60s oldies anyway!

Later this afternoon, I sorted out the playlist for this week's 'Flashback' show and once that was done, I recorded it and got it ready to send to the various stations it goes to.

I don't know if I've mentioned it before I do a guest spot on a Canadian Radio show called 'Motown & More' and I play one from the Motown Stable and one from wherever I fancy. I recorded 3 segments tonight to get me in advance over the next few weeks and emailed them off as well.

Right what else have I done today? Oh yeah - I published this week's Pure Grooves magazine this morning. We decided to rejig the format during the week and added a couple more things to the magazine, so hopefully you'll find it a brighter, fresher looking format when you read it. When? Yes I expect you to read it at least once hahaha. After all it's free to read, so there's nowt to lose is there.

Once you've read it, please feel free to leave me some feedback. It takes a lot of work to produce each week's magazine so we'd like to know if it's worth reading. Only you can tell us that.

So where can you get it?


This is this week's cover.

Now I've updated this and its pushing 8.45pm so I'll wrap it up for today. It's been busy, but such fun!

See you next time.

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