Friday, 14 January 2011

New liners for the radio shows

I've been very fortunate that I've made friends with a lot of people inside the radio industry and am able to be cheeky and ask a few favours. And that's what I did early in the week.

I phoned a cracking DJ and friend, Dave Simmons, who runs Retro Soul Radio, and asked him if he could do me some idents for my radio shows. In just a couple of days, he came back to me with a whole load to use, and I shall start using them on this week's Sunday Shake Up. I can't wait.

Now it's not often I plug a station that I'm not involved with, but I will today. Retro Soul Radio is a cracking station. Although it runs from a stream through the week, from Friday - Sunday, you get the chance to hear 4 massively talented DJs do their thing on this station.
Who are they?

Well for starters, there's Dave Simons himself, Neil Winters, Barrie Stone and Steve Montana.

I was lucky enough to work alongside Dave, Barrie & Steve at a former station and I can tell you, they are not only great people, but they are as good as you're gonna hear on Internet radio. I have not met Neil, but have heard his shows, and I can tell you that he's no slouch either!

If you like the sort of music I play, basicly jazz funk, soul, disco and boogie, this station will satisfy your needs.

Go check it out.... you won't be disappointed.

And listen out for the new idents and liners in this week's show!

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