Monday, 3 January 2011

Vinyl Junkies

Over Christmas, I've been reading a book about the world of vinyl collecting, and I never realised the extent that some people go to get the vinyl they want. Obsessive is the only word I can think of. It's a great read and it makes me feel like I'm sane lol

Here are a few reviews from other readers:

Meet your fellow sufferers5
If you think your vinyl addition is bad then read this book and know you are not alone! There is some comfort in that and as Milano talks to many vinyl junkies (some famous like Peter Buck of REM, and others not) you will easily recognize yourself having at least one, if not quite a few of the same compulsions. I have to confess, when I read about guys living with 10,000 LP's etc, the thought did cross my mind " There but for the grace..." etc, but I only have to look at my room crowded out by LP's to know I've easily got it just as bad (and I only have maybe 600! and growing). This book is a fun easy read, and it stays off the frivilous 'lists' and so on and keeps to its base covering all the types of collectors and types of collections you probably knew existed but never would have guessed the depths and passions of ...
Hi Fidelity - and then some!!5
This book will probably be enjoyed mostly by those who have a vinyl collection of disproportionate size/value and which consequently demands similarly disproportionate attention. I am one of those people - 'disproportionate' is my wife's description. However, anyone who has a penchant for collecting should find it interesting.

The obsessive behaviour attributed to Rob Fleming in Nick Hornby's excellent Hi Fidelity is as nothing compared to some of the case studies in this book. The hunter-gatherer gene sometimes works in mysterious ways - society would be much the poorer if it didn't.
Obsessive about obsessives.5
See, this is how bad I am. I thought this was a great book, but it would have been even better if it had colour photographs of all the record collections. Not each album cover, just all the spines and the shelves they were on. In fact, if somebody published a book that was just photographs of the rooms people kept their records in, I'd buy it. If you understand that, (and some people will) you'll like this book, an examination of various obsessive record oollectors, some famous and some not. it's a brief but informative and rewarding read. I'd have liked it more if it was 4 times as long, bigger being better. (As every record collector knows).

You can get it here

I really enjoyed it!

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