Monday, 7 February 2011

I Got My Mojo Workin'

Well it's a Monday,  and as usual that means I've had to get the 'Pure Grooves' web mag published for reader consumption!
Lots of great stuff inside the magazine - I can't believe we're at Issue 25 already! next week will see our 6 month anniversary.

Now uppermost on my mind is the 'Soul Medicine' night on the 4th March. As you will know this is replacing the 'Motown & More' nights I'd been doing since last May. I really want these to take off and be the very best night in Cambridge on the first Friday of each month, and as the title of this blog suggests, I've had to have my Mojo working, trying to come up with a promotional campaign, so that the very first one hits the road running. This is harder than it seems. So at the moment, I'm just trying to come up with a small flyer each day to get people recognising the name.

So this afternoon, I've also had to record this week's Flashback show. I sorted the play list out last night, and this afternoon I cracked on and got the show done. As always it will be sent out to the radio stations on Wednesday morning and will go online on Wednesday evening. There are 20 great tunes in this week's show. So catch it when it's on.

After that, I had to record some more segments for a Canadian Pod radio show that I contribute to. Each week I do a Motown & More segment, where I pick one Motown tune and then I delve into the funk trunk to pick another. You can find this show at Don's Pod Radio. Don is the guy that encouraged me to go on this little trip of Radio presenting, so the least I can is contribute the the show that led me into this route I'm enjoying so much.

And that brings me up to date - I've got a curry simmering in the kitchen, a glass of lager waiting to be drunk and 'Aliens' in the DVD waiting to be watch, so that's your lot for today.

See ya soon!

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