Saturday, 26 February 2011

Is 'Jailhouse Rock' the gayest song ever?

I want to start this blog by saying I love Elvis Presley's music. He was a legend and his music shaped they music for years to come, and I've loved 'Jailhouse Rock' since I was a kid, but I'm sorry, it's so gay!

Consider these lyrics:

"Number 47 said to number 3,
You're the cutest jailbird I ever did see,
I sure would be delighted with your company,
Come on and do the Jailhouse Rock with me"


"Shifty Henry said to Bugs 'For Heaven's Sake,
No ones lookin', now's our chance to make a break',
Bugsy turned to Shifty and he said 'Nix Nix,
I wanna stick around a while, and get my kicks"

And this is because the warden threw a party!

Surely I'm not the only one to see this!

I am now going to hide behind the settee and await the flak!

Whilst I'm waiting, watch the video

Speak soon...

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