Monday, 28 February 2011

Roxy 5000 - Check them out

Those of you that listen to my shows will know I played the new Roxy 5000 single in my 'Sunday Shake Up' show this week. Titled, 'Never Going Back', it features Terri Walker, and I've got to say I really like it.

I hooked up with Roxy Prince from the band today for a 40 minute phone call, and I've got to say this guy is putting the work in. It's really great when you come across someone who knows what he wants and isn't afraid to put the hours in to get it.

Roxy also comes across as a genuine guy, who is humbled by the support he's been getting. And he sure has been getting some support. Check this out:

STRETCH TAYLOR (Colourful Radio) - "really like this new joint "Never Going Back" from Roxy5000, its got a great vibe and it's so nice to hear a proper band providing the sounds, plus the vocals from Roxy & Terri Walker are the cherry on top of this quality bakewell tart, wicked!"

BRUCE HAWES QUOTES: "Would you like to know what I am "endorsing" for the future of the music industry, 'ROXY5000' is at the top of the list. FANTASTIC! SO endorsed by me, BRUCE HAWES, Composer (You really are THAT GOOD!)

"On the road or in the shower, ROXY5000 gohn give your tower power! Simon Bartholomew, Brand New Heavies "

"ROXY5000 Feat "OMAR and SHAWN LEE (When Love Takes Over"" Heavy Bass Led Funky Groove with a live jam session feel raising the feel good factor...GET ON IT NOW! ASH SELECTOR – SOLAR RADIO"

So it's not just me.

Watch the video and judge it for yourself..

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  1. Thanks for the Love James! Diggin "Sunday Shake Up"
    ROXY5000 THE BAND!