Monday, 21 February 2011

Well it's Monday and once again a brand new week starts off. But it's been since Friday since I put my thoughts down, so let me see, what can I waffle about today?

Ah - the weekend. If only. I don't seem to have a weekend as there's always something to do. Those of you that have been following the blog for a while will know I seem to be doing the same thing each week - it's much like anyone else I suppose.

Saturday morning started with me putting together and recording this week's Sunday Shake Up. I miss doing live shows, but with the show going out on lots of stations at different times, it's not practical to try and do them live. However I always record them as though it were a live show. A lot of pre-recorded shows are voice tracked, and what I mean by this is that all the chat between the songs is recorded in one go and just inserted between the songs. Although this can work, I don't feel that I come across in the same way as I do when I actually do the show in real time.

After doing the show, I needed to get on with the magazine. It is an ongoing thing as the week goes on to put it all together. There is always something that needs to be done. As an example, on Saturday, I went on the hunt for all the music that was going to be placed on the 'A-Z of Soul & R&B' pages.

Each week there are 4 artists and each artist has 6 songs added to the page. Which means a trek around youtube, then I need to get links, I need to get the page set up and all the videos linked to the words.

It's not a massive job, but just that page can take up to 90 minutes to do. Also, we spend a bit of time each day surfing around to see what we can find.

Anyway once I'd finished doing a bit to the magazine, it was around 2pm. Now Saturday evening I was going out to 2 events in Cambridge.

The first one was "Step Up and Believe" at Nusha - Shaun Owen and Simon Fraser are the resident DJs and this was the first event. Guest DJs on the night were Dave Malone and Simon Petts.

Whilst I was there, really nice jazzy sounds were played. Hopefully this event is going to add the the music scene in Cambridge.

From there, it was off to Cambridge City Football Club for the City Stop Soul Night. Plenty of people were there, the dance floor was busy all night and a good time was had by all.

A great night finished off with a large Kebab on the way back - perfect!

Sunday morning is all about the radio show. That was posted to the various stations and gets played at various times throughout the day. It is also posted onto my facebook pages early in the morning.

Here's the playlist:
1 Keni Burke - Risin' To The Top
2 Stanley Clarke - Heaven Sent You
3 DeBarge - I Like It
4 Bruce Hawes - I Want To Be Mellow
5 E Life - Something About You
6 Ty Causey - Rocket To The Moon
7 Teddy Pendergrass - When Somebody Loves You Back
8 Johnny Mathis - Simple
9 Gloria Scott - Too Much Lovemaking
10 Barbara Lewis - Hello Stranger
11 Ruby & The Romantics - Baby Come Home
12 Barbara McNair - It Happens Everytime
13 Eddie Kendricks - Date With The Rain
14 Sly Slick & Wicked - Ready For You
15 Flowers - For Real
16 Rah Band - Falcon
17 D Train - Shadow Of Your Smile
18 Maze ft Frankie Beverly - Too Many Games
19 Lindy Layton - Without You
20 Donald Byrd - Love Has Come Around
21 Jones Girls - You're Gonna Make Me Love Somebody Else
22 Odyssey - Native New Yorker
23 GQ - Disco Nights
24 Sister Sledge - Lost In Music
25 Randy Crawford - My Heart Is Not As Young As It Used To Be
26 Lonnie Liston Smith - Never Too Late
27 Barbara Pennington - Fan The Flame
To hear my recent shows, go to

From there it was back to the magazine to update links and suchlike. Then I added the Featured Artist pages after Debz has given me the files and added the Welcome page as well as sort out the index page and then check over the magazine. It's not until around 10 at night that I start to upload the magazine to the site and check that it's all working correctly before being happy that it's all ready to go.

And indeed it's ready. This week, we have The Main Ingredient as the featured artists. Also all the usual features and one new one. We hope you like it. If you do, don't forget to tell your friends!

So what's on for the rest of the day? More of the same. Start on the new magazine, sort a play list for the 'Flashback' show and get that recorded. Ad see whatever else needs doing.

Till next time...


  1. Crikey James action packed! even superstar JayDees need sleep y'know ;) x

  2. Well it's a shame I'm not a superstar DJ then lol