Monday, 14 February 2011

It's gotta be a manic monday - oh oh yeah!

As usual Monday seems to run away with itself and leave me chasing behind, trying to catch up.

It starts off bright and early getting the Pure Grooves magazine published. It takes around an hour to get that sorted and for the links to be posted where they need to be done. Whilst I'm getting the magazine sorted. Debz the Promo Girl is sorting out all the emails and getting the mailing lists sorted to send out all the information to subscribers. I am pleased to say that the Pure Grooves mailing list continues to grow on a daily basis. And long may it continue to.

Here's the link to the magazine

As I was saying last week, I'm pressing on with the promotion of the new 'Soul Medicine' night. Here are two more of the flyers that have gone on facebook over the last few days. The aim is just to get the name into the memory banks.

Earlier on today, I sorted the play list for this week's 'Flashback' show. The around five o'clock this afternoon, I recorded the show, so it is now ready to be uploaded for the stations to take before I put it on facebook on Wednesday. Whilst I'm on the subject of the show, each week, in the Pure Grooves web mag, I do a couple of pages called 'Going Back In Time', and it's there where I write the stories behind the shows, giving you a little background on the artists and songs in the show. That gets sorted after the show, and the 'Birthday Files' are added to the mag at the same time.

What are the 'Birthday Files'? It's part of the show where I read out two listeners birth dates and names and play the UK number one from the day they were born. This week I played songs from 1962 and 1971.

My final job for the day is to update the blog and get it posted. So that what I'm going to do now.

The time is 5 past 8 in the evening and I'm outta here! See you soon...

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