Sunday, 13 February 2011

Lazy Sunday afternoon-ah!

Well Sunday's here - I've always wanted it to be a lazy day, but it never really seems to be. More of that in a minute.

Well, Friday came and went. College in the morning, then a bit of food shopping and back home to sort out the play list for the Sunday Shake Up Show. After that I needed to sort everything for the wedding I did last night.

Saturday was much as usual, I recorded the Sunday Shake Up show on Saturday morning, had a bit of lunch and then went off to do the wedding afterwards.

Setting up was a nightmare, as there was already a disco set up as it had been left there from a previous event. By the time it was out of the way I had less than an hour to get set up before the bride, groom and their guest got there. I managed to get that done and then it was playing background music through the meal, before going on to do the night's entertainment.

This morning is primarily about getting the Sunday Shake Up Show out to the stations and then onto my listen again site. Once that's out of the way I go back to the 'Pure Grooves' web mag and getting the final pieces and general tidying up. By this stage of the week, both Debz and I just want it to be done and dusted, but it never gets finally finished until around 10 tonight if we're lucky. As I'm writing this, Debz is doing her welcome message for the magazine. It is truly a joint effort and we're extremely proud of it.

Somewhere in between the work, we'll hopefully get chance to sit down and have a spot of lunch.

Here's the Playlist:
1 Curtis Mayfield - Makings of You
2 Gregg Diamond Bionic Boogie - Hot Butterfly
3 Mandrill - Too Late
4 Vel Omarr - Change Is Gonna Come
5 Darryl Grant - Don't Underestimate The Power Of Love
6 Drizabone Soul Family - Girlfriendz
7 Omar - There's Nothing Like This
8 Teena Marie - Portuguese Love
9 Charme ft Luther Vandross - Georgy Porgy
10 Sam Dees - After All
11 Michael Franks - Barefoot On The Beach
12 Phil Perry - Keep Reminding Me
13 Loleatta Holloway - Casanova
14 J Blackfoot - Taxi
15 Dee Edwards - Deal With That
16 Walter Jackson - It's Cool
17 Ujima - I'm Not Ready
18 Light Of The World - London Town
19 Leon Ware - Why I Came To California
20 Joe Sample - Burnin' Up the Carnival
21 Dayton - Sound Of Music
22 Gwen McCrae - All This Love That I'm Giving
23 Ozone - Our Hearts Will Always Shine
24 Gene Chandler - Get Down
25 Patrick Juvet - I Love America
26 Gary Criss - Girl From Ipanema - Brazillian Nights
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And that's about it from me for today. Catch you later...

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  1. Just when was the other DJ planning on removing his gear ??? While the Bridge and Groom were having their meal ?

    I once turned up at the last minute to help a mate who had been let down by one of his DJs. He said "dont worry, the gear is already setup".... and so it was... in the cellar function room and the function I was doing was on the first floor. Had to pack away, carry up two floors and set up in under an hour!!!!